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LGBT.CASA | The First Ever Mauritian LGBT FORUM

Self-Founded To Help The LGBT Community.

The LGBT community in Mauritius has been growing or we should say the members are more easily coming out during the recent years. Mauritius is becoming more and more accepting to this beautiful community where all genders are respected equally.

The fight of gaining equal rights has been an on going situation, both in Mauritius and the World itself. Nowadays, the LGBT community do not only have its members, but have many support from straight people who believe in equal rights and believe in LOVE IS LOVE.

Even of the growing LGBT community in Mauritius, there was a problem. Members were all scattered in different platforms online which made it very difficult for the members to communicate and support each other. LGBT.CASA noticed this problem and intervened by developing and launching the first LGBT forum in Mauritius.

The idea behind LGBT.CASA is to build a forum where all members can come together under a single platform. The platform will help the LGBT community to interact with each other, support eachother and a place where voices can be heard of. LGBT.CASA is a self-funded forum where not even third parties ads are being displayed for best user experience. Fund for monthly payment of hosting fees and other administrative fees are expected to be raised from its LGBT personalised shop where they sell some locally made products at very low margin in order to survive.

LGBT.CASA forum is not only for the LGBT members but also for supporters and equal rights activiist.
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