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Social Media Marketing: The takeover of 2020.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of connecting to the public via social media in order to share information, drive website traffic and increase sales. Currently, there are 3.81 billion social media users around the world, representing 49 percent of the world’s total population. Some major social media platforms currently are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Based on publicly available data up to 20 April 2020, 15 social media platforms have 300 million or more monthly active users. The monthly number of active users of some social media platforms are as follows:

Social Medias Number of Users per month

The 5 basic steps for Social Media Marketing success:

Social Medias Number of Users per month

1. Strategy

What are you aims and objectives?

Before involving in any social media marketing activiees, you should have a clear view on the aims and objectives of such a strategy and campaign. Whether you wish your business to gain more visibility in the digital world, or building an online audience to create loyal customers or to simply drive traffic to to a website, a clear aim and objectives will set a path to follow. Stakeholders with whom your business will be working will also have a clear view on what your business want to achieve and can work towards it. As such, at BIM we will help you in setting your aims, objectives and overall strategy for your social media management and marketing.

Which social media platform you intend to use?

Choosing the right platform is an important move in order to target the right audience. Different social media platforms are used by different types of users, and types of users can be categorised upon age groups, demographics, geographics and can go much deeper. For example, research states that old people tend to stay away from snapchat due to complicated features and they prefer to use Facebook which is more friendly and rich of content. Considering this example, if your business were to target the grey market, you would want to be marketing on Facebook to reach your desired audience.

What type of information do you want to share?

You might be wondering that any type of information can be sent from any of there platforms stated above. But in spite of, having an idea on which type of information you will be sharing will help in more precisely choosing the right social media platform. If your strategy would be to create awareness of your brand to more potential customers digitally and would want to share automated information upon customers request, the best platform would be Facebook messenger and Whatsapp which have the integrated automated response. If your business would want to share tutorial of your products on how to use it, the best main platform might be Youtube to share the videos.

2. Plan and Publish

Time and frequency to publish

After the careful strategy planning, it's time for execution and start publishing on your chosen social media platforms. It's important to set perfect time and frequency to publish your posts, as you would want to publish your post at the time most of your audience are active, and this will depend on their geographical locations. Finding when your post receives maximum views and engagement might be time consuming, as you will need to do multiple test by posting at different hours at different days and analyze the data from insights. After analyzing the data, you will be able to conclude the time when your post receives the peak amount of views and engagement on a pattern basis, and set the time accordingly.

Social media scheduling tools

To facilitate the task of publishing at different timing and frequency, there are social media scheduling tools available. Social media scheduling tools will help in scheduling posts at any time and frequency you want to make it easy to posts at odd hours that for example for audience that is opposite to your time zone, that is when you should be sleeping, your audience is on social medias. However, social media scheduling tools leads to a disadvatage. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram algorithm reduces the number of views for post that have been scheduled from a third party. BIM provides its social media management services that counter attack such a problem and have a team available to post at your desired hours in order to reach the maximum audience.

3. Listen

Audiences feedback

Listening to your audience is an important element in creating a loyal fan base. By listening and creating what the audience wants will lead to more engagement and will help in building a relationship with you business the audience. A loyal audience base will be a cost saving element in the long run, as loyal customers bounce rate are much lower than just a potential audience.

How to improve and respond to feedbacks

There's always room for improvement, and you should note all postive and negative feedbacks received from your audience, whether it is for your product, or service, or for your posts. Responding to feedbacks in a positive way by showing interest, while create a better relationship and can turn a bad experience to a better one through the acknowledgement of the feedback and by showing willingness to improve.

4. Analysis and Report

Facts and figures on how your social media marketing is performing

Social Media Marketing does not stop here. There is a constant need to analyze the performance of your social media account. You will need to gather and analyze data on views, engagements, bounce rates, geographic locations, demographics, follow rates, click through rates and other applicable data, to know what are working in and what are not working in achieving your aims and objectives set before.

5. Advertise

Social media advertising

Social Media Marketing will produce an organic reach to your audience. But when you want to promote your post and reach through paid advertising to targeted audience, you will receive a much wider audience and will attract more easily potential users to your account. However, social media marketing is different from social media advertising and will need more analysis and strategies apart from strategies set for the social media marketing. We will discuss more on our blog social media advertising.

Target audiences

In social media advertising, it is important to identify a target audience that you will target by paying to promote your post and account. This will yield a better results in form of conversion rate or click through rate as your business will be promoted to an audience that fits such market.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has a greatly impacted the relationship between brands and consumers. Today, companies create strategies after analyzing and understanding the target consumer’s demands, likes and dislikes through social media. Social media allows businesses to use tactics to build and create brand profiles like fan pages, contests and so on to engage with their audience.

Some advantages of Social Media Marketing are:

Increased brand awareness

Social media has been proven to boost brand awareness by driving up engagement and by directing traffic straight to your website. Social media engagement includes comments, likes, shares, and re-posts. click through and website traffic is occurs when your audience clicks on your desired post and links that directs them to your website, or store, or subscription page and more which leads to conversion. When doing paid advertising, having a good conversion rate is really important in order to benefit from the campaign, else your audience will just bounce from the post and leading to no results.

Boosted conversions

Promoting and sharing your products on social media helps to improve lead generation, boost conversions, and increase sales as you’re advertising to people who have opted to engage with you by following your account.

Closer relationships with customers

This is achievable by interacting with customers on your posts, responding to their questions and comments, and providing them with any help they may need.


Signing up and creating a profile is free for almost all social networking platforms, and any paid promotions you decide to invest in are a relatively low cost compared to other marketing tactics such as radio, TV commercials and print ads.


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