MAU eSports x BIM Sponsorship

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Unleashing Greatness: Brand Image Marketer Ltd (BIM) Proudly Sponsors MAU eSports in Their Quest for Victory


In the dynamic world of eSports, talent, strategy, and innovation converge to create a thrilling spectacle that captivates audiences around the globe. Today, we are excited to announce a new chapter in this ever-evolving journey as Brand Image Marketer Ltd (“BIM”) proudly partners with the exceptional MAU eSports. This partnership isn't just about sponsorship; it's about uniting two forces dedicated to pushing the boundaries of possibility in the realm of competitive gaming.

MAU eSports x BIM Sponsorship

Embracing Excellence

Formed in Mauritius, MAU eSport has carved its name as a true contender in the eSports arena in the line of PUBG mobile and Tekken 7.

Fueled by a shared love for video games and a commitment to excellence, this team has emerged as a formidable presence in the Mauritian and Global esports scene. Comprising a diverse roster of skilled players across various gaming titles, this Mauritian esport team showcases exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. With a strong emphasis on strategy, teamwork, and individual skill development, they have earned their place among the ranks of top esports competitors.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence, strategic prowess, and unwavering commitment mirror BIM's own values of innovation, dedication, and leadership. This partnership marks the coming together of two entities that strive to exceed expectations and redefine what is achievable.

Born in Mauritius

The team's journey is a testament to the growing popularity of esports in Mauritius and its neighboring regions. As they continue to participate in international tournaments and championships, MAU eSport not only represents their country on a global stage but also inspires and nurtures the local gaming community.

With their eye-catching performances and a supportive fan base, MAU eSport is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of esports, both through their achievements and their dedication to fostering a vibrant gaming culture in Mauritius.

The Journey Ahead

As MAU eSports embarks on its journey to championships and victory, BIM stands steadfast by their side. Here's a glimpse of what this exciting collaboration will bring:

Elevated Exposure: With BIM 's support, MAU eSports will gain increased visibility and recognition, as their journey is shared across a multitude of platforms.

Shared Passion: BIM understands the passion that fuels eSports, and this partnership is a testament to their commitment to the gaming community. By supporting MAU eSports, BIM embraces the shared excitement that drives eSports enthusiasts.

Innovative Collaboration: This partnership is not just about logos; it's about the fusion of expertise. BIM will work closely with MAU eSports to explore innovative strategies, leveraging their collective strengths to achieve even greater success.

Community Engagement: BIM recognizes the power of community in eSports. Together with MAU eSports, they will engage fans through interactive experiences and fan-focused initiatives.

Beyond the Game

The MAU eSports and BIM collaboration extends beyond the virtual battlegrounds. It's a collaboration of visions, aspirations, and the belief that greatness can be achieved through determination and collaboration. By standing as a united force, MAU eSports and BIM aim to inspire not only within the eSports realm but also beyond.


In an era where eSports is no longer just a pastime but a global phenomenon, partnerships like that between BIM and MAU eSports have become a beacon of possibility. This is a partnership built on shared values, mutual respect, and the belief that greatness is attainable through perseverance, innovation, and collaboration. As MAU eSports steps onto the virtual stage, accompanied by the unwavering support of BIM, the world watches in anticipation, ready to witness the triumphs that emerge when passion and determination converge.


Posted: August 26, 2023. | By: Rahul Mohabir

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