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Unleashing Greatness: BIM Proudly Sponsors MAU eSports in Their Quest for Victory

Posted: August 23, 2023. | By: Admin Others

Today, we are excited to announce a new chapter in this ever-evolving journey as BIM proudly partners with the exceptional MAU eSports. This partnership isn't just about sponsorship; it's about uniting two forces dedicated to pushing the boundaries of possibility in the realm of competitive gaming.

Outsourcing: Cost or Revenue Booster?

Posted: May 30, 2020. | By: Admin Strategy

Outsourcing is the strategy to ease out resources and business processes. Should you consider outsourcing as a cost burden or a revenue booster? In this blog we will discuss on what is outsourcing, what are important business processes and how outsourcing can be a revenue booster.

Social Media Marketing: A Takeover of 2020.

Posted: June 04, 2020. | By: Admin Strategy Branding

In 2020, social media presence is an essential element to determine business success. In this blog we will guide you on what social media marketing really is and the guide to plan a social media marketing strategy.

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